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Valuation & Reporting Services

Online Access

Derivative Advisors is focused on providing independent unbiased mark to market valuations for loans and derivative instruments. To make it easier to manage your loan or derivatives portfolio we offer a variety of services including:

  • Daily Mark-to-Market Valuations

  • FAS 157/DSC 820 Valuation Services

  • FAS133/ASC 815 Hedge Accounting Services

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Trade Analytics

  • Valuation Attestation Letters


We offer a password protected account through our website whereby clients can access their swap, loan, or bond transactions. Clients have instant access to summary terms of their transactions, electronic copies of all their documentation, past or present market valuations, and can download FAS133 / ASC 815 or FAS157 / ASC 820 reports as of quarter ends.

"Derivative Advisors provides independent valuation and reporting services for our clients following ASC 815 or ASC 820 accounting guidelines."

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