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Derivative Partners has extensive expertise in providing training for bank relationship managers as well as back office staff. We can help your business line prepare for selling interest rate hedging products and manage all facets of the business. Our training contains vital information for all employees from newly enlisted recruits to veteran producers. We can cover all aspects of the business or focus on certain areas, whatever suits your needs.


Here are just some of the TRAINING topics we are prepared to cover:
  • Identifying opportunities in the marketplace

  • Product information for swaps, caps, collars and option based offerings

  • How to work with inside product partners to maximize results

  • Overcoming obstacles in both the selling and customer service areas

  • Maximizing revenue opportunities

  • Key disclosure information needed to manage reputation risk

  • Billing inquiries and other customer service questions

  • Accounting topics including FASB 133


LIBOR + Loan Spread


LIBOR + Loan Spread

Fixed Rate

Hedge Provider

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